System Theory

What is System Theory?

The basic idea of system theory is that all things in the universe (rivers, baseball games and galaxies) can be viewed as discrete systems, operating under a defined set of rules. While the systems may be different, they exhibit strikingly similar behavior. If different systems behave similarly, perhaps it's because they are connected.

What is Complexity Theory? What is Chaos Theory?

All systems display two basic kinds of behavior: complex and chaotic. Things tend to get complicated. Villages become towns, towns become cities and cities become nations. The basic notion of complexity is that there is a natural tendency toward higher levels of order.

Things also tend to get chaotic. Famine, blackouts and floods disrupt otherwise ordered systems. Chaos is what happens when order is interrupted by something different.

These competing forces make up virtually everything we experience in life. When these two forces collide systems are the most active, and often the most interesting. In the world of technology and business, the intersection of chaos and order is where most innovation occurs.